Who we are?

Doris Oyegade is a Performing Artist and a lively storyteller who holds her audience captivated by the way she weaves her stories together. Her stories are taken from observing societal issues, modern day parables, oral tradition and also from bible stories. these stories are re-told in a way that makes the listener remember as it leaves a sweet taste on the lips and makes you salivate for more.

Also, some of our stories come from people who have shared their stories with us and given us permission to use it. these stories are adapted and real names and the actual place where the story took place is changed to respect the privicy of the story sharer.

We all have rich heritages. it is time to get those stories . Let them jump out of where they have been boxed up like jack in the box.

Doris Oyegade

The Story Tellers World is the brain child of Doris Oyegade.

The Story Tellers World

This is the story about the persistent widow. She needed a favour from the king. He was not interested in granting her wish.The widow became desperate.

The Story Tellers World

The widow troubled the king day after day. She gave him no rest. The king was driven mad by the widow who was unrelenting in her plea for justice.

The Story Tellers World

Finally,the widow got what she wanted.She was overjoyed and the king was relieved to get the woman off his back. This story shows that 'you can get it if you really want'.Perseverance pays off!