What we do

We tell stories to teach certain values and lessons to sensitize people as well as entertain. We have come to realize that when a good story is told, people do not easily forget. As a result, these great stories can be handed down from generation to generation. These stories then become part of who we are;our heritage.

storytelling as an Art helps to develop in us the fast fading away skill of effective listening. We are surrounded by a society where the young people and even some old ones are engrossed in gadgets and social media and actual human interaction is on the decline.

Feel free if you want us to come and share a story in your school, library or minister through storytelling in your church gatherings. We can tailor make our stories to fit in with your concept or train you to become a story teller yourself. Some of our stories will be available to download.

Children's stories

Children's Stories

Children's stories awaken in them a sense of adventure while also teaching good lessons for life. "Put away those gadgets for a minute kids and listen to the storyteller". Read more!

Moral stories

Moral Stories

Moral stories are told so that we can learn through other people's experiences and avoid their pitfalls. Moral stories also play a huge role in shaping our character. Read more!

Christian Stories

Christian Stories

Christian stories have been told from a Christian perspective. some of the stories are taken from the bible, while others are from life experiences. These stories,inculcate Christian values. Read more!

Audio stories

Audio Stories

Audio stories allow you to rest your eyes from reading but helps your power of imagination to run wild as you are drawn into the world of the story that you are listening to. Tighten your seat belt but try to relax if you can. Listen here!